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Mobile Cloud Labs is a software company with some of the top talent in the world behind it. We create cutting edge products with innovative solutions. To learn more about what we do, how we do it and who we are click below.

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Behind the Scenes

A computer can obtain a virus, malware, or spyware without their owner even realizing it. Sometimes, the simple act of visiting a website is enough to contract a virus while in other cases internet users unwittingly download viruses by clicking false links that install the bad code. In order to protect your PC, internet users […]
The Three Most Common Internet Viruses
A few weeks ago I went camping in the woods with my husband, we were surrounded by the peace and beauty of old trees and amazing landscapes. However, as any person who has camped knows, the nights, though starry and calming, can also be intimidating in the silence and darkness of the wildness. In that […]
Be Suspicious with App Permissions
Hollywood has a history of obsession with the thriller and horror movies based on kidnappings. A common plot line is for a crime syndicate to abduct a person and then demand a large amount of money for their return. Such schemes rarely work in the movies, they are constantly thwarted by an A-list hero, but […]
Ransomware Alert: Mobile Phone Abduction

Our Products

Mobile Cloud Labs focuses its efforts on data theft prevention with the Android Security Suite application along with social media via the Belynk app. Mobile Cloud Labs is moving into the mobile advertising market with its upcoming AdAbouts ad network.

Android Security Suite

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